About me

Hi! I’m Nick.

I’m a 23-year old Belgian, currently dipping my toes into the creative ocean called writing.  I haven’t published anything yet. But I’m aiming to with determination.

Besides writing I also practice Shinkendo (www.shinkendo.com), a martial art revivifying the old ways of the bushido warriors called samurai.

 About this blog

A large part of this blog will be written from the perspective of low confidence, as I am privy to that on a daily basis.

I plan to vent. Talk about my current projects. Give advice.
But most of all, I would like to be an inspiration. To those suffering the same. Those that haven’t dared step into this world.

This blog, is for you and me. For all of us, likeminded people. I would like to create a sense of community that allows people to rise. And win, against themselves and every nay-sayer they’ve ever encountered.

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